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Student loans - A guide to terms and conditions

This guide is for students who take out a student loan for an undergraduate, postgraduate or Initial Teacher Training (ITT) course. It explains what you’re committing to when you take out a loan.

It’s important you read this guide carefully as it contains information about the current terms of your loan and repayment. Please save a copy.


For 19+, we offer Student Loan funded courses at Level 4 and Level 5. Our class sizes do not exceed 25 and we supply the students with specialist course materials. We provide not only adequate quality support to students to help them overcome their weaknesses, but also challenging assignments and activities for students with higher capabilities.

Teachers at the Academy of Science Technology and Management are experts in their fields and have been rated outstanding by external inspectors.

​From September 2019, we plan to deliver BA(Hon) degree in Business Management validated by a UK University.

We have also enclosed a guide on student loans, which can be downloaded on this page. Please feel free to give us a call, if you have any questions or need additional information.


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